December 7th 2007 08:56 am

Rising Phoenix

Rising PhoenixWhew. Finally finished this one. And not because it was hard to get into. Not at all. Mills’ first book is very, very good. (And his subsequent ones are even better, so if you like mysteries and/or FBI-type thrillers you had better check this guy out.)

No, life got in the way. First, there were all the DVDs that came from Netflix… the entire third season of Boston Legal. And there was art to be created! And music to memorize for this weekend’s concerts. And I had made a commitment to clean out the box of papers (that I laughingly call my filing system) and actually organize them. And there was other stuff, too… like working and sleeping and seeing Plaid Tidings at Cap Rep. And then we replaced the basic cable box with a DVR cable box, so I had to play with that for a while.

But I finally finished Rising Phoenix and am on to the next book!

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Rising Phoenix

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