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March 29th 2008

J. D. Robb In Death

Reunion in DeathPurity in DeathI’ve probably said this before, and I’ll probably say it again… I really like Robb’s character of Eve Dallas. She’s a tough, gutsy, smart New York City cop. The best part about this series is that it combines my two favorite genre… science fiction and mystery. Didn’t I mention before that these stories are set about 50 years from now? Hmmm.

Now, since Robb is actually Nora Roberts, there has to be a bit of romance, and that’s fine. It doesn’t take away from the story, and it isn’t too distracting. I’ve got each and every one of these books on my Booksfree list, and eagerly await the next books. The biggest problem is setting them aside when I should be reading for class. If you like mysteries… start reading these already!

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March 1st 2008

Buddhist Scriptures

Buddhist ScripturesReligious texts of any sort aren’t quick reads. The fact that I had to turn this into a quick read (because I’m reading it for a class) made it slightly less enjoyable than it might have been if I’d been reading it just for the fun of it.

That said, there are some interesting translations of quite a lot of Buddhist text here. I doubt I’m ever going to be motivated enough to learn Pali or Sanskrit to read the originals, so translations are good. And some show that Buddha Sakymunni had a clever sense of humor.