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October 18th 2009

Memories of the Future, Volume 1

If you loved the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation as much as I did (that is to say, you kind of wish they had gone right to season three or four) and if you adored Wesley Crusher as much as I did (i.e., you wanted to beat him into a coma with a TI graphing calculator), then you will absolutely want to read Wil Wheaton’s Memories of the Future, Volume 1 (and by that I mean you really, really, really will want to read it).

In a slim volume packed with snark, Wil takes you back in time and behind the scenes of ST:TNG’s first season (well, the first half of the first season).  Each episode recap includes a laugh-out-loud funny synopsis of the show, examples of sparkling dialog, technobabble and Wil’s memories of way back when.  If you ever watched ST:TNG (whether you loved it, hated it or were completely ambivalent), you’ll want to read this book!

It’s only available at… and let me add a few words about Lulu:  I ordered the book after work on Wednesday, and the nice FedEx driver dropped it at my house on Saturday around lunchtime.  I hadn’t expected it to show up until the middle of the week!  Way to go, Lulu!

I am somewhat patiently awaiting Memories of the Future, Volume 2.

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