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September 23rd 2008

It’s Time for a Meme

Not just any meme, but my favorite book-related meme… The 5-Book Meme! Take five books and grab a sentence from each (from specific spots in the book) and create a new paragraph. The books I used:

  1. Meditation in a New York Minute by Mark Thornton
  2. Fingerpainting on the Moon by Peter Levitt
  3. The Beginnings of Buddhism by Kogen Mizuno
  4. Beginning SQL Server 2005 Programming by Robert Vieira
  5. For a Few Demons More by Kim Harrison

And the paragraph you’ve all been waiting for…

Our lives are lived at warp speed. And yet, there was a surprising if ungainly fluidity of rhythm and grace to this man’s movements that mysteriously added a sense of spaciousness to the air. Perhaps out of concern over issues of this kind, Shakyamuni never advocated the life of the Order for all people. How does it do it? “They’re really good for breakfast,” I said, and with his arm over my shoulder, we both hobbled back to my car.

Weird, huh? But I like it. And will do this meme again… you can count on it.

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