November 19th 2007

Save the Last Dance for Me

Save the Last Dance for MeAh, the 1950s. In a small midwestern town in Iowa. Hmmm.

The music was good back then, wasn’t it?

Sam McCain’s on the trail of killers yet again. If I lived in a town that small with that many getting killed, I’d move to Chicago. But Gorman tells a great story, and you do tend to get caught up in the bustle of the town.

And like everyone in Black River Falls, I gotta wonder why the doofus doesn’t just marry the nice Mary Travers.

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Save The Last Dance For Me

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November 10th 2007

Wake Up Little Susie

The Day the Music DiedWake Up Little SusieThis is the second of Ed Gorman’s books set in a small Iowa town in the late 50s. Both this one and the first in the series, The Day the Music Died, were fun murder mysteries with likable (and at times eccentric) characters. The third in the series, Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?, is backed up behind the two Kyle Mills books I just received from BooksFree.

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The Day the Music Died
Wake Up Little Susie

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