October 23rd 2008

Armageddon in Retrospect

I’ve read nearly everything Vonnegut has written, and haven’t come across a bad read yet.  Normally, when one of the many book clubs wants to send me a book, I decline (which makes me wonder why I still maintain membership in them, but that’s another discussion).  But when the Quality Paperback Book Club let me know about this gem, I told them, “Oh yeah!  Bring it on!”

Here’s what they have to say about this fabulous little book:

True to form until the very end, Kurt Vonnegut concluded the last speech he ever wrote with the following no-nonsense declaration:

“And I thank you for your attention, and I am out of here.”

Fortunately, our own farewell to the late literary legend need not be nearly so abrupt. Vonnegut returns from beyond the grave (well, sorta) in Armageddon in Retrospect, his first and only posthumous collection of unpublished writings. Featuring an introduction by his son and fellow author Mark Vonnegut and tackling topics ranging from war to peace to the proper term for a shih tzu/poodle hybrid (we’ll leave that one a surprise, thanks), it’s a powerful, and powerfully funny, reminder of why we loved him so much in the first place.

This wide-ranging collection spans Vonnegut’s career from that final speech to the letter he wrote to his family after being freed from the Nazis during World War II, from harrowing meditations on the horrors of war to hilarious stories about its survivors. POW, painter, protester, parent, peacemaker: every side of this complex, brilliant thinker and writer—and the human comedy he so astutely chronicled—is on glorious display.

Now.  YOU go read it.  Because, seriously… it’s darn good.

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March 17th 2005

Vonnegut does it again

Timequake5. Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut

I got this one in a trade from fellow BookCrosser, Petaloka. Having read just about everything else Vonnegut has written, I was looking forward to Timequake. I was not at all disappointed. Typical Vonnegut, it was highly entertaining, amusing and thought-provoking. It’s an autobiography, it’s science fiction… it’s excellent!

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